RED - Front Office Software


RED is the  Recruitment System from RED RABBIT and has been designed & developed by Recruitment Professionals for Recruitment Professionals and as a result it is intuitive, comprehensive, and easy to use.  In other words your consultants will love it and your productivity is guaranteed to improve dramatically!



Key Features of RED

  • Powerful Search Engine: All search criteria, which include Keywords, Text, User Defined Fields, Database Fields and List Files, are entered in one area enabling users to quickly and efficiently produce the desired results.  The resulting lists provide considerable facilities for contacting and tracking the appropriate people.

  • Fast Candidate Creation:  The RED import facility allows the creation of candidate records directly from a CV regardless of the source location of the CV.

  • RED CV Manager:  This module allows the rapid import of large quantity of CV’s in to the system with a very high degree of accuracy and helps you manage your obligations under the Data Protection Act.

  • Automatic Skill Coding:  The AutoSkilling feature removes the need for consultants to read through CV’s in order to categorise them as the skills and keywords are identified automatically.

  • Data Tab Switching:  Keep all your data to hand without cluttering up your screen.  One click of a TAB and its associated data is there.

  • The Library:  Video clips, photographs, sounds, scanned documents, spreadsheet files can all be attached to a selected record for instant retrieval.  Hand written registration forms, client profiles or advertising and any number of documents can be quickly scanned and stored within RED.

  • Text Messaging:  Contact your candidates, Temporaries, Contractors and Clients quickly and efficiently by bulk emailing a message to their mobile phones.  No more costly and time consuming phone calls trying to contact them.

  • Mail Merge:  Fully functional mail merge facility allowing the merging of over 500 database fields into form, letter, and email templates.

  • Microsoft Word:  Word in an integral part of the system.  Full Word functionality is available from within the system.

  • Email & Web Access:  Access a Client’s website with a single click.  Email directly from a screen or send bulk Emails from within the Mail merge functions.

  • Management Reporting:  Complex Management reporting is available through the RED Reporting module.

  • Scalable:  Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as its database engine means the system is suitable for every size of operation.  This system grows as you grow!

  • Multi Site Capability:  The RED system operates quickly and effectively across Wide Area Networks, Virtual Private Networks, and the Internet.

  • Audit Trail:  Detailed activity tracking is inherent throughout RED.  Analysis at both User and Management levels can be produced on the screen or as printed reports.

  • Data Export:  RED Data Manager provides links to Websites and Jobsites as well as Payroll and Accounting systems.  Custom exports routines are available.

  • Security:  Sophisticated security is integral to the RED system.  User access to parts of the system can be withdrawn and the functionality in the screens they can access controlled.